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Are you running a business or planning to start one? If your answer is yes, then you are in the right place – this platform is designed to help you achieve your business goals where it matters the most –  Strategy, Customer/Client Base Growth, Customer Nurturing and Retention.

Let me tell you why this is important

One of the greatest key for consistently generating leads, driving sales and retaining customers largely depends on how well you know and understand your customers,  their needs, lifestyle, interests, habits and more

Here's how successful marketers do it

They have turned to psychology to understand the key factors that influence consumer decision making – the greatest among us today are not those with big marketing budgets, but those that have tapped into the invisible side of human behavior to understand the driving forces. 

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The Art Of Marketing
Vaal University Of Technology
25 May 2018

Business Insights 101
University Of Johannesburg
29 September 2018

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Journey into consumer’s mind:

“Unpacking psychological aspects that drive consumption” – Miyelani

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Bridging The Gap: Competitive Analysis

“Competition, Strategy, Analysis and Intelligence” – Miyelani

“Being a researcher is more than a career, it is my passion”

I come from a human sciences background, work experience in media research, digital marketing and social research. Driven by my passion for research, I joined Insights Africa Research in 2015. Understanding human behavior in general has always been my topic of interest  – I’ve always wanted to make sense of the things people do, why they do them and how they do them. Following years of research on the topic and practical application of business strategies learnt from it; I finally managed to create this platform with the intention to share with you some of the key principles of business success in competitive markets.

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The Art Of Marketing
Vaal University Of Technology
25 May 2018

Business Insights 101
University Of Johannesburg
29 September 2018


“The advantage gained through continuous investment in research to understand not only the psychology of human behavior but market changes, industry developments, competitive landscape and consumer preferences cannot be undermined”

CONNECTING THE DOTS; a platform designed by Omedia Intelligence to empower entrepreneurs and professionals in to achieve their business goals in these three key areas – Business development, Growing Customer/client base, Customer Nurturing and Retention.

Get a free ebook called the “Journey Into Consumers’ Mind” – the book unpacks and explores some of the key psychological drivers of consumer behavior. The ebook is also available on Omedia Intelligence site – www.omediaintel.com

Ext from “Journey Into Consumers’ Mind”

The primary purpose of this piece of content is to explore and unpack some of the main psychological aspects that drive consumer behavior in order to provide insights into the ways in which marketers can influence consumer buying decisions

Another free ebook on: Competitive Analysis – from Data to Insights Intelligence to Strategy

One of the greatest secrets to business success lies in one’s ability to effectively generate, capture and apply knowledge better and faster than their competitors. If you want to stay above the waves then, this free ebook is meant for you.

Customer acquisition should always be at the core of your marketing plan as you can’t rely on your current customer base to support and maintain your business forever. You have to direct most of your efforts towards generating new leads and converting them into customers. Below are some of the basic steps you can follow in order to grow your customer base.

This is why it’s necessary for you to improve your Customer Experience, all the time. Research predicts that in the near future, Customer Experience will overtake both price and product as the key differentiator as most customers claim they are willing to pay more in return for a better experience.” 

Reliability: Your product should perform or deliver as advertised or promised without failing

Relevance: If reliability is about product competence, then relevance is about “customer competence.” Remember, each customer’s specific needs and easily solve their problem

Trust: In today’s hyper-interactive world, mere trustworthiness – that is, doing what you say you’re going to do and not violating the law – is no longer sufficient to render a frictionless customer experience. Increasingly, customers expect you to be proactively trustworthy.

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